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Were injections too painful or short-term?

Did topical products damage your skin and not work?

We understand and so do our happy and relieved customers.

Does Iontophoresis Work?

Does Iontophoresis Work?

Treatments using our IonUnit have to date been effective in drying sweaty hands and feet. Typically, only 6-8 treatments are needed for healthy, dry skin! The treatments are gentle, non-invasive and completely safe. Our unit is NOT connected to the mains during treatment.

Other treatment methods such as injections, high-strength antiperspirants or even surgery, are used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. These methods can be expensive, ineffective and painful. The IonUnit is changing the way hyperhidrosis is treated in South Africa and abroad. Hyperhidrosis sufferers are discovering that there is an affordable, painless and lifelong alternative available to them.

The IonUnit can treat hands, feet and underarms, separately or simultaneously. We can provide the accessories for the treatment of other areas of the body.

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